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Convective Outlook Day 1 (Categorical):

Probabilistic Tornado Graphic:

Probabilistic Damaging Wind Graphic:

Probabilistic Hail Graphic:

Convective Outlook Day 2 (Categorical):

Convective Outlook Day 3 (Categorical):

Convective Outlook’s Day 4-8 Loop:

Watches In Effect:

Current US mesoscale discussion map:


Environment Canada/UManitoba Forecast Products (Canadian Prairies):
Canadian Prairie Severe Weather Outlook Day 1:


NHC Atlantic

Atlantic Basin Active Cyclones:

Atlantic 2 day Tropical Outlook:

Atlantic 5 day Tropical Outlook:


NHC Pacific
East Pacific Current Activity

East Pacific 2 day Tropical Outlook:

East Pacific 5 day Tropical Outlook:


Great Lakes Forecasting Products

GLCFS Forecast Products go out to 120 hours. Click the image to get more forecasting data. A looping gif can be made from hour 0 to 120 on there.

Air Temp +24hr:

Water Temp +24hr:

Cloud Cover +24hr:

Wind Speed +24hr:

Wave heights +24hr:


WPC Forecasting Products
Current Mesoscale Precipitation Discussions:

3 day Summary:

Day 1 National Forecast Chart:

Day 1 QPF:

Day 1 Excessive Rainfall Outlook:

Day 2 National Forecast Chart:

Day 2 QPF:

Day 2 Excessive Rainfall Outlook:

Day 3 National Forecast Chart:

Day 3 QPF:

Day 3 Excessive Rainfall Outlook:

7 day QPF MAP: