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Meeting Minutes: 10/5/2015


Sign up for October 17th cider and hot chocolate fundraiser.
As well as bake sale sign up sheet for October 24th.

Outreach- boobash at the ice rink on Oct 24th. Green screen. All the letters are done waiting on the responses.
Growth and development- looking for internships and jobs. Planning for forecast groups. Scout visits talking with adam. Hockey game this week at bdubs. Getting a table at 7.
Fundraiser- hot drinks the 17th. bake sale coming soon. You don’t need to be Betty Crocker to help. Go fund me account for the alumni.
Activities- cider mill the 16th. We need drivers. Halloween related like pumpkin carving and super smash tournament?

Gene- Radio maybe this week. Tropical is on Monday, Gene will be stepping down after the semester. If you want to learn how to get involved or possibly step up talk to Gene.
Patrick- Schedule for social media for forecasting.
Nick: Reimburse for outreach materials. $10.00 for stamps. $15.00 for reimbursement.
boobash volunteers

Turn in T-shirt and color designs next week.

Chris presented!

Any questions, feel free to contact any of the Eboard members.
Have a great week!

Meeting Minutes for 9-29-15

President- Matt Tuftedal:
Career Day October 3rd 10am-3pm in the UC. Will be in the terrace rooms A & B. 10am to 3pm you can come to go as you please. It will be very beneficial to all and lunch is provided.
Next week CMU grad Chris Easlick will come in for a talk.
Laura Hartman, Kim and Lindsey for a weather talk between now and the end of the semester.
T-Shirts either a professional polo or a fun shirt or both πŸ™‚ We need t-shirt designs and color schemes by next week so we can vote.
Vice President- Colton Cichoracki.
Committees elect chairs.
Activities Jenna- Homecoming tailgate this year. Facebook post will be made from the group. More info to come.
-Cider mill Uncle Johns on a friday or Sunday.
Outreach Nick B- School visits. Waiting on approval for schools.
-Boo Bash when we have more info.
Growth & Development Mark – Internship, scholarships, and jobs.
-Patrick for presentations and workshops.
-Scout troops and help them get a weather badge.
-Campus forecast for underclassmen and upperclassmen. One of each will be paired up.
Fundraising Heather- Matt will get a spray tan if we raise $1,000.
-Tailgate sell hot dogs, hot cider and hot coco in 2 weeks?
-Pie wars!
-Bake sale for halloween the week of the 27th
Mentor Mentee program at the end. Talk to Colton if you need more info
SCAMS name tags
red wings game at bdubs next Friday, talk about it more next week.

Secretary- Kylee Miller:
3 absences per semester. Contact me if you will not be attending one meeting. If there is a conflict with another activity also let me know, we will try to figure something out.
Attendance started this week!
Eboard Meeting mins
Meeting Mins will be sent out weekly
Treasurer- Blake Hansen:
balance and dues.
Matt is getting a SCAMS credit card.
News Central is starting up. If you want to come watch and learn let us know. Inform Blake for Mon/Wed, Kylee Tues/Thurs, Jimmy Mon/Wed/Fri AM or Colton FRI if you want to come in on a day.
SGA- Gene Boyte:
SGA meeting last night elected positions.
Open positions! Apply and try for senators. Talk to Gene for more, because you will have to give up SCAMS..
October is breast cancer awareness month fundraiser for SGA
Dog Central
Radio, Gene will instruct this. If you want to get involved let Gene know.
Webmaster- Patrick Saunders:
Social Media forecasting. Pairing up an underclassman with an upper and you will forecast into a pre-made template and it will be posted on our social media sites.
Great looking website!
Open Floor:
Dr. P wants to move tropical to another day other than monday for the juniors and seniors. Survey monkey will be sent out for the dates.
Jaris- Neoweather job openings. Ask Jaris for more info
Colton discussed the committees. Committee chairs becoming more responsible. Also mentor mentees have been selected. If you have an issue with whom you are paired up, let Colt know.
Events going on within our major. Certain talks and career day. Need to get started on the senior AMS trip.
Blake deposited the dues money.
Lastly, Gene sang a lot.

Meeting Minutes for April 21, 2015

President – Shaye
Riverwood bowling fundraiser Next Thursday 9 to 11pm. Event on Facebook.
Pie the weatherman 11 to 1pm next Thursday. Need volunteers to set up at 1030 near the UC. Event on Facebook.
Senior bbq Next Friday at noon and Shayes event afterwards.Events on facebook.
Goal: have fun with the club.

Vice President – Matt T
Pizza and Dr. Orf presentation on the April 28th starting at 7:00pm.
Skywarn success! Thanks for coming:)
Goals for committees and for everyone to attend events

Move to in club to out of club. Getting involved with the community

School Visits
CMU & U Day
Working with other RSO

Pie the weatherman and Riverwood
Ideas for next semester. -tailgating, stickers, bake sale
Passive and active fundraisers
Growth & Development:
Grand Rapids Trip
Start of semesters talking to the MET 260 class
Youtube Channel
Looking into scholarships
Troop Scouts
Internships, scholarships, jobs, conferences

Secretary – Kylee
Sign the attendance sheet
Goal: To go visit News Stations in the Fall

Treasurer – Blake
Goal: To fulfill all goals

SGA – Colton
Loons Game at 6:00pm on April 30th
Goal: Bring a meaning to my position. Wear a funny shirt every meeting next semester.

Webmaster – Patrick
Calendar is now on the website. It’s in the about section on the website.
Goal: Create a bigger calendar!

Open Floor:
Kaya on April 29th Dr. Mower will be performing. 8:00pm.
Webmaster Admented voted on. Passed.

Meeting Ends: 9:40pm