Secretary Bio

Heather Richards

Class Standing in Program: Junior13296341_1201361889873851_986429743_n




Favorite Weather Phenomenom:|Hurricanes
Favorite Weather Event:|Hurricane Andrew, 1992, 922 mb pressure, Cat 5, sustained winds 175 mph, her grandfather rode this storm out in Ft. Meyers. He had ridden out many hurricanes and was fully prepared in his home and sheltered securely, but he said this was the first time he was ever really afraid. He subsequently rode out Charley in 2004, which was a near direct hit Category 4, but he always maintained that Andrew was the worst he’d ever experienced.
Plans After Graduation:| Heather would like to pursue graduate school. Heather is very interested in tropical meteorology research, but as long she is able to work in weather in some capacity, she will never work a day in my life.
A little about themselves:|Heather resides in Greenville, MI, where she commutes to and from school five days a week. She enjoys driving her 1985 Mercedes Benz diesel everyday, and doesn’t have A/C or heat in her car, but doesn’t really care. She is the mother of an 18 year old high school senior, and has a husband of 20 years. She has been a bartender and server for over 20 years, and has worked at a credit union, doctor’s office, and a community college. Her passion has always been weather, and just over six years ago, she decided to make a passion more than a hobby, and turn it into a lifestyle and her reality. If you have a question about school, adult beverages, of life in general, Heather is happy to help in any way she can!

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