We, the members of the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society at Central Michigan University, do ordain and establish these Bylaws for the government of our organization.

Article I


This organization shall be known as the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, herein referred to as the Society, whose purpose is to promote and to encourage the study of meteorology/ atmospheric sciences.

Article II


Section A. Requirements

  1. All students of Central Michigan University are eligible and are welcome to become members of the Society.
  2. In order to maintain active membership in the Society, the following obligations must be fulfilled:
  3. Dues must be paid to the Treasurer by the second meeting of the year.
  4. The active member can be absent from no more than two meetings per semester. The President, with approval from the e-board, may waive this obligation for any member under extenuating circumstances.
  5. Active members must serve actively on at least one committee, excluding ad hoc committees, every semester. Anyone can serve on ad hoc committees, but these temporary committees raised by e-board do not count toward active membership.

Section B. Classes of Membership

There shall be two types of members.

  1. Active member: Any person meeting the above requirements shall be considered an active member. If all said criteria are met, membership may not be denied for any reason.
  2. Honorary member: Any alumnus who was once a member of the Society, and wishes to retain affiliation with the Society even after leaving Central Michigan University.

Section C. Voting Privileges

Only active members, as defined in Article II, Section A, are entitled to vote, except at the first meeting of the academic year.

Section D. Termination of Membership

  1. If a member desires to terminate his/her membership with the Society, he/she may do so at any time by informing any elected officer.
  2. The policy of the Society with regard to dues paid by a member who wishes to terminate his/her membership shall be as follows:
  3. Dues paid for the semester are non-refundable.
  4. If the member has paid dues for the year and is leaving in the fall semester, the amount that is equivalent to the semester rate of dues is non-refundable, while the balance shall be refunded by the Treasurer.

Article III


Section A. Elected Officers and Their Duties

The officers of the Society shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Student Government Association (SGA) Representative.

  1. President
  2. The President shall have general executive control of the Society, preside at all general and e-board meetings, and perform such other duties as usually pertain to this office.
  3. The President, or any member, may be a representative of the Society to any campus organization, and the President, or someone appointed by the President, shall be responsible for all reports to the administrative offices of the University.
  4. The President, along with the Treasurer, shall be in charge of securing University funds each year for Society projects and trips.
  5. The President shall be the only officer who does not vote, except in the case of a tie.
  6. The President has ex-officio membership of all committees of the Society.
  7. Vice-President
  8. The Vice-President shall be responsible for seeing that proper notices of regular meetings are distributed to the membership, as well as for any public advertisement on behalf of the Society.
  9. The Vice-President will also be responsible for making certain that these advertisements are cleared through the proper channels of the University.
  10. In the absence or temporary inability of the President, the Vice-President shall serve as acting President of the Society until the President is again capable of fulfilling his/her duties.
  11. The Vice-President shall verify membership for the Student Development Record and refer the names of those active members to the Faculty Advisor for Student Development Record approval.
  12. The Vice-President shall serve as overseer of all committees. He/she shall verify that the committees are achieving their goals and shall provide a link between the committees and the e-board.
  13. The Vice-President shall attend all e-board meetings unless excused by the President.
  14. Secretary
  15. The Secretary shall deliver all outgoing mail and keep notes on all general meetings incident to the workings of the Society.
  16. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all Society proceedings.
  17. The Secretary shall keep attendance records of all general Society meetings
  18. The Secretary will be responsible for keeping on file a list of all members of the Society, as well as files on all correspondence and records. All records should be available to all members upon request.
  19. The Secretary shall attend all e-board meetings unless excused by the President.
  20. The Secretary shall send meeting minutes to the AMS at the end of every month.
  21. Treasurer
  22. The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all financial dealings pertaining to the Society. These records shall include the following items and shall be kept in a single binder, with necessary copies in the Society files.

1) Original bank statements;

2) Photocopies of all checks and the corresponding deposit receipts deposited by the Treasurer for Society purposes;

3) Original deposit receipts;

4) All receipts given to the Treasurer by Society members for which any member was reimbursed with Society funds;

5) Professional ledger of all transactions, updated biweekly.

  1. Along with the President, the Treasurer shall attempt to secure University funds for Society projects and trips.
  2. The Treasurer shall carry a receipt book to all Society meetings. For every money received by the Treasurer for Society purposes, the Treasurer shall immediately write a receipt to the member that states the amount received and the purpose of the money (i.e. dues, T-shirt, etc.).
  3. The Treasurer shall attend all e-board meetings unless excused by the President.
  4. Student Government Association (SGA) Representative
  5. The SGA Representative shall fulfill all duties as outlined by the Student Government Association, including SGA meeting attendance, office hours, and committee obligations.
  6. The SGA Representative shall serve as liaison between SGA and the Society, carrying relevant information and announcements to the Society from SGA and representing the interests of the Society with his/her vote in SGA matters.
  7. The SGA Representative shall attend all e-board meetings unless excused by the President.

Section B. Office Vacancies

  1. If for any reason an officer is unable to continue to fulfill his/her duties (resignation, incapacitation, etc.), a special election shall be held to fill the office through the end of the current term. The proceedings of this election are as follows:
  2. Nominations and election shall be held at the next general meeting of the Society.
  3. The newly elected officer shall take office immediately upon election at that regular meeting.
  4. Any duties normally fulfilled by an office which is vacant shall be fulfilled or delegated by the President until a new officer is elected.
  5. Should the President be unable to continue to fulfill his/her duties, the Vice-President will assume the office of the President for the remainder of the term, and shall appoint a new Vice-President, who must be approved by a majority of the active members. The new Vice-President will also serve the remainder of the current term.

Section C. Impeachment of Officers

  1. If at any time the membership feels that an officer is violating the stipulations of this Constitution and/or is not adequately performing the duties of the office, a vote may be called to attempt to remove the said officer from his/her office.
  2. A majority vote is necessary to begin an impeachment process. This vote may be called by any active member of the Society.
  3. Once an impeachment process is approved to begin, the members will have the opportunity to voice their charges against the said officer, at which point the officer must be given the opportunity to answer the charges in front of the membership.
  4. The general membership of the Society may impeach any officer by a three-quarters affirmative vote.
  5. In the event that the President is the officer in question, the Vice-President shall preside over the meeting until a vote is taken.
  6. Vacancies created by an impeachment shall be filled during the meeting at which the impeachment takes place.
  7. Should the President be the impeached officer, the Vice-President shall continue to preside over the meeting. The new Vice-President shall be selected within one week, and approved by the general membership at the following general Society meeting.

Section D. Elections

  1. All members of e-board (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and SGA Representative) and the webmaster shall be elected at the last meeting in November. Nominations will open in the previous general Society meeting.
  2. Procedure
  3. Any active member may nominate any active member for any office.
  4. Voting shall be by secret ballot, with winner determined by plurality vote.
  5. Voting shall be confirmed by one non-running officer and one non-running active member.
  6. All officers will enter their elected offices on January 1 following the election, and will serve a one-year term.


Article IV


Section A. List of Committees

  1. Fundraising committee – This committee shall be responsible for all fundraising events of the Society. The chairperson(s) shall work closely with the Treasurer.
  2. Jobs and Internships committee – This committee is responsible for the posting important information about jobs and internships as well as Graduated schools on the bulletin boards located outside of the Meteorology Lab.
  3. Activities committee – This committee will plan and organize all club events.
  4. Public Relations committee – This committee is to promote the activities and membership of the Society with Conferences committee as a sub-committee
  5. Other committees, including ad hoc committees, may be raised as deemed necessary by the e-board.

Section B. Committee Membership

  1. Committees must meet at least once a week.
  2. Committee chairpersons shall turn in to the Vice President attendance for each committee meeting or activity at the following general Society meeting.
  3. Committee chairpersons shall serve one-semester terms and may serve an unlimited number of times.


Article V


Section A. Frequency of Meetings

  1. Meeting frequency, day, and time shall be determined at the first meeting of the academic year, with consideration given to inactive members.
  2. In the event of University wide cancellation of classes, the society will cancel ALL meetings (e-board, general society, and committee meetings) on the day of cancellation of classes and will resume the following week unless otherwise notified by officers or committee chairs.

Section B. Quorum

  1. Quorum shall be set at a majority, or one-half plus one, of active members.
  2. Quorum will be required to vote on any official business of the Society.

Section C. Parliamentary Authority

  1. The President shall preside over the meetings in the format established by Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.
  2. The President may vary from Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised if he/she deems it to be in the best interest of the Society.


Article VI


Section A. Membership Fees and Assessments

  1. The membership fee shall be ten dollars per semester or fifteen dollars per year.
  2. There shall be no further assessments except those deemed necessary by a vote of the active membership.

Section B. Banking

  1. The treasury of the Society shall be placed at Independent Bank of Mount Pleasant.
  2. The Treasurer and the President shall be named on this account.
  3. The Treasurer shall notify the e-board before any funds belonging to the Society are dispersed. The membership must be informed of the general purpose for which funds are being disbursed.

Section C. Allocations of Funds

  1. In order to obtain money from the Society account for Society purposes, an active member must present an allocation at a general meeting. This allocation must be approved by a majority vote of present active members. No funds shall be disbursed without Society approval.
  2. In urgent matters, the e-board may allocate money by a majority vote. The general membership must be notified of this allocation at the next Society meeting.


Article VII


At the final Society meeting of the calendar year, the Society shall elect a Member of the Year from the active membership. This award will honor the member who has contributed the most toward society promotions, fundraisers, and activities. The Member of the Year shall receive a certificate of recognition from the society.

Article VIII

Amendment of Constitution

Any member, at any regular meeting, may propose a written amendment. The amendment shall be discussed during the meeting at which it was proposed, and then voted upon at the next regular meeting. An affirmative vote of three-quarters of the active members present will be required for the adoption of the amendment.

Article IX


Central Michigan University CMU, an AA/EO institution, is strongly and actively committed to increasing diversity and providing equal opportunity within its community. CMU does not discriminate in employment against persons based on age, color, disability, gender, familial status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight (

Article IIX


In the event of inactivation of the Society, all funds shall be donated to the American Red Cross for the purposes of natural disaster relief.

Amendment F10-01:

1.) Article IV Section A lists that the Jobs and Internships committee and the Public Relations committee are two separate committees.

2.) Current attendance and participation in the Jobs and Internships committee is disappointing.

3.) It is thought that combing the two would be beneficial and increase attendance and participation into the Jobs and Internships committee.

4.) The workload of the Jobs and Internships committee could be easily shared amongst the combined members of the two committees.


That the two committees shall be combined into one committee, henceforth called the Jobs and Internships/Public Relations committee. This committee shall oversee all responsibilities of the former parent committees outlined in their original creation, found in Article IV Section A of the SCAMS Constitution.

Amendment F10-02:


1.) We often create an ad hoc committee for conferences

2.) The number of conferences attended by members is increasing

3.) The work required to research, plan, and enable members to attend all desired conferences is also increasing

4.) The committee is also responsible for any miscellaneous duties deemed necessary by SCAMS and approved by the E-Board.


1.) A new standing committee specifically for conferences be created.

2.) This committee shall be responsible for researching conferences that the committee thinks are of interest to all members of the Organization, as well as conferences unknown to the committee but proposed by members of the Organization. This committee shall also oversee the planning of conferences that members decide to attend. This shall include transportation, accommodations, and other necessary fees and requirements to attend said conference. This committee shall also work closely with the SGA Representative to secure funding for conferences through SBAC and with the Treasurer to secure other sources of funding, be they CST, GEL, or others.

3.) All decisions and plans made by the conferences committee must be approved by conference attendees before being finalized.

3a.) Conference attendees do not have to be a part of the conference committee in order to attend a conference.