Meeting Minutes for 3-24-15

President – Shaye
Woman in meteorology TOMORROW. 3/25 at noon. In the met lab.
Nominations for homecoming due on April 3rd. Should have received email.
Tigers game sign up. Leave around 9:30 or 10 on the 17th. $20.00 deposit due by April 7th.
Revising the constitution
Nominating professors for CST due on April 3rd. Should have received email.

Vice President – Matt T
Dr. Orfs presentation during a scams meeting. Wanting either April 28th, 7th, 14th. Where it would start at 7:00pm.
MSU started a Chapter. Structuring it off of ours.
Skywarn on April 18th. Share the flyer on facebook.

Activities: All about Skywarn!
Flyers to be put in every building.
Radio Stations, Mountain 101.1 and News Central
CMU weather event.

School Presentation
Wx Ready Nation
Public Meetings
Door to door checklist handouts
Campus Weather ready, SGA?

Riverwood bowling fundraiser
Yankee candle starts the 16th and goes until the 19th of March. Sell your little hearts out.Fliers in 307.
May 1st tailgate
Bake sale next semester

Growth & Development:
Scout Troops
Youtube Channel
April 12th – 18th severe weather awareness week. Possible presentation for 240 class.

If you want to help out with youtube or presentation interests you, contact Mark.
email: phone: 248-991-4129
Secretary – Kylee
Sign the attendance sheet
Attached is the constitution

Treasurer – Blake
CST will give back $31.00 to valpo and $42.00

SGA – Colton
President and Vice President parking meter phone app.
Sunday the 29th to present on Monday the 30th the SBAC symposium monday 6:00.

Webmaster – Patrick
Resume workshop April 8th 5:00.
Bring resume, Intern and full time job for the workshop.
Resume prep worksheet. Fill it out before.
DTX, Next Friday.
Website updates – New header, new page for E-board bios and constitution
Open Floor:
Kaya on April 1st, Gene and Dr. Mower will be preforming. 8:00pm.

Meeting Ends: 9:50pm

Meeting Minutes for 3-17-15

President – Shaye
Windbreakers are now in! Talk to Shaye to pick yours up if you havent already.
Internships are posted by Dr. Baxter on the meteorology facebook page. Check them out. There is one about an airforce opportunity.
Women in weather next week. Wednesday march 25th at noon in met lab. Ginger Zee is in it, donā€™t miss out!

Vice President – Matt T
Conferences, Have fun at Valpo everyone!
No committees

Secretary – Kylee
Make sure to sign the attendance sheet
If you want to know your absent count, let me know.

Treasurer – Blake
Turn in conference receipts.

SGA – Colton
This monday is a Q + A for the president election. 8:00pm in Anspach

Webmaster – Patrick
Resume Workshop on April 8th, Wednesday at 5:00pm. It will be around an hour and a half. Location TBD with more details next week.

Open Floor:
Possible Tigers game on April 17th. Looking into group tickets. Should know more by next week.
Meeting Ends: 9:20pm

See you all Tuesday! Have fun at Valpo šŸ™‚